Lauren Spearmen
"The Bounce Back Advocate"

Full. Complete. Refreshed I thank God for the tremendous souls that are part of my heart, my circle, and my network simultaneously because they are amazing women, Godly women and BOSSES all in one. As I enjoy this amazing goodie bag all I can say is: the impartation, the fellowship, the information, the prophecy and the prayer were BEYOND!!! There are levels to hosting an event and Netta sets the bar higher every single time. Anytime you see Antwoinette Ayers or Visual Movements do yourself a huge favor and get a ticket! I can’t even describe it because you HAD to be there and I don’t have any pics in action because we were so in the moment! I loved playing “Oprah and Gayle”, sharing a “ratchet” trait, and learning Netta’s full government name😂😂😂. .