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I’m not coming for a good reason…

Dear friends and family please note “I’m not coming” not because I don’t want too but I’m prioritizing A LOT of things I’ve prayed for. I realize I am not at the capacity to take on things out of alignment of my purpose. I only need encouragement to save my money, continue crafting my craft,being a mother, a student, leader and a ambassador for Christ.

I will want to give up but I don’t need you to disagree with me because you know my goals. I don’t need you to be a “YES friend” I need purpose pushers around me. I need you to hold your weight this season. Tap into God first and tell me the praise report. I may feel alone but send me a random text just to keep going or a prayer to center me back with God.

When you see me off course remind me of my goals. When you see me straying out of purpose call me out! When I get into situations that you know I have outgrown but some how step back into remind me where I’ve grown from and my current worth. When I’m fasting pray for me. I'm struggle to see past my habits. When I’m rejoicing rejoice with me and when I need a minute consider it not time away from you but time I need for my sanity.

I want you to prosper as well so if this is a decree I have for myself it’s definitely a friend obligation I must practice for you. This season we can’t waste borrowed time. Even my words have to change. I’m building so we can have a brand new experience and live a healthy and wealthy life! God will redeem the time. Don’t be mad be glad I’m finally sticking to the plan for me to prosper .

Share this if you're in this season of great sacrifice...

Tho it will cost you gain an understanding.

For my Day 1’s!

We’re almost there…

By Antwoinette Ayers

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