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Google me...

Lately, I've started introducing myself using my full government name, which contains five names. Initially, I thought it was embarrassing and ghetto to have so many names. However, when I dived into the meanings of each of my names, I realize they carry a profound message, reflecting the power of God's love for me. Interestingly, "Victorious ONE" happens to be the meaning of one of my names.

This serves as a testament that I hold onto. It makes me wonder: Why did God create me? God's wonders are awe-inspiring. I believe that God appreciates our yearning for Him, as it helps us discover who He intends for us to be in our genuine selves.

I'm not striving to be my past self; I'm simply aiming to be authentic. I used to doubt if I was a good mother, friend, wife, or a true representation of Christ, overwhelmed by repeated failures that almost made me feel ashamed and I wanted to take my own life. However, the gift of prayer revitalized my sense of purpose and determination to flourish!

Now, I find myself in the present, embracing the certainty of my identity. I am because God is.

In my sessions, I encourage people to Google their own names. This small act can significantly transform how we view ourselves. I believe God's nature is simple, while negative thoughts have pushed us to dwell on complexities that draw us away from Him. God is not bound by logic; He is divine, holy, and righteous. Since I am created in His image and not confined by my past, I too, am divine, holy, and righteous. This doesn't mean I'm without flaws; it means I'm covered.

I challenge you to look up your name and share its meaning with me.

Antwoinette: Praise or highly praiseworthy, powerful, and complete

Latoya: Victorious one

Denise: God of wine, fruit, and vegetation

My name carries significant weight and I boldly stand in the promises attached to my name.

Remember your name!

I am Antwoinette.

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