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Don't sow into me...

I once had an encounter with a young lady who wanted to sow into my life, but the Holy Spirit revealed to me that she was behind on her bills. So, I felt compelled to tell her, "If your bills aren't paid, please don't sow into me." It wasn't because she was doing anything wrong; rather, it was because her seed was infected. Many people have been conditioned to sow during their drought season, and I've been there too. However, the Holy Spirit guided me to set up an accountability ministry that encourages others to lead healthy, accountable lives.

Taking care of your HOUSE FIRST is a ministry tied to Christ, but it can be tricky. To do it right, you must know how to meditate and hear ONLY from God, not relying on second or third-hand revelations. This means turning off distractions like sermons and phone conversations to surrender and solely hear from God. It may even involve setting aside certain things, like french fries and hot wings (preferably flats), for a set time to focus solely on God's voice.

I've realized that some people use sowing into ministry as a token to manipulate you into responding to their false urgencies. They may expect their seed to make you a God to them, inadvertently blocking the only wise God - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, ELOHIM - from their lives.

I have embraced the firm belief that God shall supply all "THY NEED". Though I may experience moments of lack, I know I'll never be without because God's provision is guaranteed. My desire is for people to witness God operating in my life through my actions and integrity, despite the real struggles I face.

What truly moves me is not just that you've sown but that you've grown. I believe in sowing that helps you grow in God, with God, and back to God. That's where the real transformation happens and your life can blossom fully in all things.

Sow into you first.

I Am Antwoinette

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